About us


The administration and staff of Escuela St. Benedict School extend a warm welcome to all our students and their families. Our goal is to provide a quality Catholic education in a loving Christian environment, thereby enabling our students to reach their full potential.

We believe that the job of educating our students can only be accomplished by the continued cooperation between home and school within a framework of mutual respect, collaboration and participation. The staff of Escuela St Benedict School looks forward to your continued interest, support and involvement in the education of your child.

Escuela St. Benedict School Staff

St. Benedict School Mission

We, the Community of St. Benedict School, strive to create a Catholic learning environment and to understand God’s will. We believe He works through us on our Christian journey to educate, empower, respect, and value each other as unique individuals.

Communities We Serve
Escuela St. Benedict School provides Catholic education to students in Kindergarten to grade 6 in the Spanish Bilingual program which is a Program of Choice.

Communities from south of the Glenmore Reservoir, west to Springbank, south to the city limits and SE and SW of Glenmore Trail are eligible to attend the Spanish Bilingual Program at Escuela St. Benedict School.

Students should not arrive before the 8:30 am supervision time. Sherpa Before and After School Care will be providing supervision for a fee.

PARENTS AND VISITORS MUST REPORT TO THE MAIN OFFICE UPON ARRIVAL AT SCHOOL. Parents and visitors are not permitted to enter classroom or hallway areas during instructional time. If you are volunteering, muchas gracias! Volunteers please sign in at the main office and pick up a visitor tag, which must always be worn while at the school.

Holy Spirit Parish

The Parish Church of Holy Spirit cooperates with our school and families in the delivery of a Catholic education; providing for our pastoral and sacramental needs. The church is located at 10827 24 St. S.W. For more information about Sacramental programs and other parish programs please call Holy Spirit Parish 403- 251-3381.



Good communication is essential to the success of your child in school. With this in mind, it is important that you talk with the person who can best respond to concerns or questions that you might have. Keep in mind that you do not have to wait until parent-teacher interviews to discuss student concerns or progress. The teaching staff welcomes your contact to set up an appointment when needed . Please contact your child’s homeroom teacher to discuss questions or concerns. They will be happy to listen and answer your questions. On those rare occasions where the best efforts of the parent and/or teacher are not successful in resolving the issue, it should then be brought to the attention of the principal. If, on the other hand, a concern regards school procedures or regulations, it should be discussed with the school administration.

Classroom Organization

Classroom organization is determined by school enrolment and the pupil/teacher ratio set by our Calgary Catholic School District. This ratio may vary from year to year.

The process of organizing classes begins in June. Fluctuations in enrolment and other factors may result in class re-organization early in September, which may result in Combined Classes. Our teachers are very well trained and able to teach Combined Classes when needed. Parents can assist their children in making the necessary adjustments with teachers and classmates by preparing them to face classroom organization changes in a positive way.

Rights and Responsibilities of Students

I have the right and responsibility to learn in a Catholic atmosphere

  • I am responsible for my own learning and I allow others to learn
  • I do my best at all times
  • I come to class with necessary books and materials
  • I do my homework
  • I arrive on time
  • I am respectful during prayer, celebrations and religious activities
  • I bring home all school information for my parents

I have the right to be respected and to be treated with dignity and I have the responsibility to treat others in a similar manner

  • I treat everyone kindly and with respect
  • I speak to others in an appropriate and polite manner
  • I listen when others speak
  • I respect other people’s space and belongings
  • I will work quietly so that other students can work

I have the right to be safe and the responsibility to permit others to feel safe

  • I follow all school and classroom rules
  • I avoid games that promote violence or that could hurt others
  • I do not bully others
  • I report all bullying to a supervising adult
  • I tell an adult if someone is hurt or doing something dangerous
  • I listen to the supervisor’s directions
  • I use school equipment in a safe and respectful manner
  • I play safely on the playground equipment and only when it is my turn
  • I follow bus safety rules

I have the right to learn in a clean environment and the responsibility to do my part in helping to keep our environment clean

  • I keep my desk and classroom neat and tidy
  • I clean up after myself in the lunchroom
  • I keep the washrooms clean
  • I throw litter in the garbage and pick up litter that is lying about
  • I cooperate in keeping the schoolyard clean
  • I remove my boots or outside shoes when entering the school
  • I recycle as much as possible